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10 things about myself:

1. I have self-esteem issues which has been going on for years. I'm depressed most of the time and I just keep better at dealing with it. I'm crazy in a way, may it be artistic or like real crazy. I'm a work in progess.
2. I'm in the process of experimenting on new art styles like with pen and ink and it's frustrating me so much cause I'm out of my comfort zone. I think all my "new" works are so bad. I know people would tell me to get over myself cause it's not really that bad but I just.... I'm also doing digital art lately and I enjoy it.
3. I really like music. When I had to decide what to take in uni it was between music or art. I was serious with my violin but there's just too many red flags for me not to take music. So I got into the nearest and decent uni instead to going to Manila to study at UP. I took up advertising arts even if I hate advertising. I like rock (metal/punk/post-hardcore/grunge) and indie most.
4. I have really big dreams for myself and it's hard but that's how it works.
5. I love Japan. I wanna marry a hot japanese megane and I wanna live there forever.  End of.
6. I am an asian with blonde hair. I hate it right now cause I ran out of MP: ultraviolet which I use to tone the brassiness and there's no stock of the dye until May.
7. Generally:  I'm really short. Like 158cm. Hahahaha. I'm really random and I got like a super weird sense of humor. I wear mostly black in all 365. Am I even making sense??? *A* I love loooong car rides and traveling. I love the country side and hangout with people from there cause they're so chill. I stopped smoking and drinking for a year now...tho I have urges but I'm able to control it. I was a vegetarian for 6 months but then I had like a relapse? Because I got burned out with work and I just ate the feelings away.
8. I've bad relationships in the past and I hope I fall in love this year. Like properly fall in love.
9. I got a septum piercing and I love it. I kept it hidden from my family and from work. And I'm thinking of getting a tarantula for a pet because I suddenly find them really cute but I have to think about it cause keeping pets takes responsibility and I'm not ready.
10. I'm really awkward irl and I suck at socializing so I usually wait until someone talks to me first. Online or IRL. I know I have to fix that but the inferiority complex just..But really just talk to me and I'm really cool with it unless you're being an ass then I'd have to be really mean to you.

bonus: I'm a witch or I want to be a witch or something like that.

10 things I've been asked:

1) How long have you been on dA?
-I've been here since like 2008? I had 2 accounts before this one and I kept deleting them but I'm keeping this one.
2) Are you still as passionate about art/poetry/prose as when you joined this site?
- Well tho I joined here for illustration, I could say I'm more passionate about it than I ever was before.
3) Favorite animes?
- Most fucked up animes and funny ones. There's so muccchhh. I've been watching anime since I was 4. But lately my head is full of Attack on Titan and Eruri. I also love Makoto Shinkai's works and Ghibli if that counts???
4) Do you have or know a pet with funny habits?
- We got a new dog a month ago, name's Oreo cause he's a tri-colored shih tzu. He usually climbs on my bed and starts chewing on my toes till I wake up. Sometimes he lays on the floor and asks for a belly rub. He gets really lazy sometimes so I have to drag him around like a rag and he doesn't budge. I also have a cat named Husler and he's really cool and he only likes me and hates the rest of the humans.
5) Your hobbies?
- fangirling, binge-watching series/movies, reading manga, sleeping, stalking tumblr crushes...laughing at tumblr jokes...
and draw most of the time.
6) What are the objects lying around you?
- a sketch journal, calendar, art materials, an artbook, phone, water, perfume...
7) Post your favorite work you uploaded on dA.
- you can check the faves on my DA page but there's a lot, like I organize them by artist and the list is growing.
8) Favorite movie!
- Stoker, The Fall... There's a lot of mainstream too. Usually I watch them by director or something. I love Tarantino and Park Chan Wook and there's a lot more.
9) Favorite artist (music and art!)
- I can talk about this forever. There's OOR, Gazette, NicoTouch, Flumpool, 1975, coldrain, crossfatih, PTV, BMTH, Bastille, Oasis, David Bowie....etc. a
Art: Klimt, Mucha, Kahlo, AudKawa... and most contemporary artists and esp tumblr artists...then there's a long long list...
10) What dream do you want to realize?
- Being a recognize artist and be happy.

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Mish Abalos
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Mish . 22. Cebu. Illustration + Graphic Design.
Metalhead. Art Nerd. I like to draw a lot of anime, manga and bands.
twitter: cielomerde
instagram: cielomerde

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